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Spark to move Xtra email from Yahoo! to SMX

Sep 14 2016 – (By Stuart Corner) Spark is to bring the mailboxes of its Xtra email service customers on shore, transferring them from Yahoo! to local email service provider SMX, which operates from a Spark data centre.

via : Computerworld New Zealand

Spark kicks Yahoo to the kerb; teams with SMX to bring Xtra email back to Kiwi soil

Sep 14 2016 – (By Sara Barker) Spark says it's bringing its email services 'home', after the announcement it will be dropping the Yahoo-owned Xtra email service and moving to SMX, a Kiwi-owned email provider based in Auckland. The company says that all customers will be able to keep their existing Xtra email address, and the changes will be rolled out over three months from January 2017.

via : bizEDGE (Techday)

Spark moves Xtra emails to NZ company SMX

Sep 13 2016 – Spark will be moving its Xtra email service to New Zealand-owned email provider SMX. Customers who use email addresses need to give Spark permission to move their data to the new platform.

via : New Zealand Herald

Spark finally ditches Yahoo, moves Xtra mail to New Zealand company SMX

Sep 13 2016 – (By Chris Keall) After nine years punctuated by security hassles, spam, phishing attacks and confusion, Spark is finally ditching Yahoo as the provider of its Xtra mail service — which is being moved to New Zealand company SMX.

via : National Business Review