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Spark finally severs troublesome Yahoo ties

May 16 2017 – (By James Henderson) Telco brings over 800,000 email accounts home with SMX partnership: Spark has completed the process of migrating its Xtra email service to New Zealand-owned email platform provider SMX, ending a problematic Yahoo partnership that spanned a decade.

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Spark completes email migration from Yahoo to SMX

May 15 2017 – (By Stuart Corner) Spark says it has completed the migration of its Xtra email service from Yahoo to New Zealand-owned email platform provider SMX, announced in September 2016 and now has more than 800,000 Xtra email accounts running on the new email platform.

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Spark completes Yahoo divorce

May 12 2017 – (By Tom Pullar-Strecker) Spark's troubled partnership with United States technology company Yahoo has finally been put to rest. The company said it had finished migrating several hundred thousand Xtra customers off the troubled email service provided by former partner Yahoo. Xtra is now supported by Auckland email company SMX.

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Spark completes divorce from Yahoo

May 11 2017 – (By Francis Cook) Spark has completed the divorce from Yahoo and brought its Xtra email service home to New Zealand. New Zealand-owned email platform SMX is hosting the service and Spark says they have over 800,000 Xtra email accounts up and running on the new system.

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