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New Zealand-owned cloud email hosting and security company SMX Limited says the signing of a global partnership agreement with Openwave Messaging provides the final technology elements required to offer a world-leading cloud email hosting capability to customers in New Zealand and around the world.

“The partnership with Openwave Messaging, and our implementation of their Universal Messaging SuiteTMEmail Mx messaging platform, gives us a fully scalable, enterprise-strength solution for customers who want to move their email servers to the cloud,” says SMX co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Thom Hooker.

“That means 99.999 percent availability, as well as enterprise-ready tools such as shared calendars, online data storage with Dropbox, global address books and support for ActiveSync to sync contacts, emails and calendars with mobile devices,” Hooker says.

SMX’s Vice President of Global Sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says email hosting is fully integrated into the SMX Cloud Email Hosting & Security Suite, offering the same ease of use as provided by Google’s Gmail and Microsoft 365 but with important advantages for resellers and end-user customers.

“Our message is very clear: we will compete strongly on price, coupled with superior customer service. That means more generous margins for resellers than offered by Google’s Gmail and Microsoft 365. It also means better value for end customers who – at no price penalty – can get a flexible range of business email services depending on their needs, with the services priced accordingly,” Blaauw says.

“The SMX Cloud Email Hosting & Security Suite is designed so it can be very quickly and easily configured according to the specific requirements of end customers. That means an enterprise-strength, fully-hosted email solution for larger companies and organisations, with state-of-the-art email security and management features, down to a robust email filtering service for smaller customers.

“Our feedback from customers and our market partners and resellers is clear and consistent. They want a highly secure and highly accurate hosted email cloud service. But they also want it to be locally hosted and locally serviced. And they want it to be quick and easy to deploy and easy to manage,” Blaauw says.

“The new enhancements to our service strengthen our ability to deliver on all of these requirements. Increasingly important – particularly in New Zealand, Australia and Japan – is that we deploy in the customer's own country. This means no risk of international connectivity issues leaving customers without access to their data. It means response times are much quicker. And it means customer data is not subject to foreign laws and jurisdictions because their data doesn't leave their home territory.”

Thom Hooker says the added capabilities provided by integrating Openwave follow other recent enhancements to the SMX Cloud Email Security Suite. These include a major redevelopment of the SMX SmartRules® module – SmartRules® DLP – which uses sophisticated data loss prevention algorithms to protect sensitive corporate data from being emailed outside of a customer organisation.

Also important, he says, is SMX’s implementation of the Cassandra Distributed Database platform: “Originally developed and 'open sourced' by Facebook but now part of the Apache stable of open source products, - the Cassandra Distributed Database platform enables industry-leading data security for customer emails with seamless failover to another rack or data-center in the event of failure. This enables SMX to guarantee 100 percent availability of customer emails.”

“The Cassandra Distributed Database platform also underlies SMX's reporting and customer management platform, allowing us to manage market partners, distributors, resellers and customers from the same interface. This includes provisioning and billing of new services as well as extensive user-level reporting for each active service,” Hooker says.

Hooker says the major new features and capabilities of the SMX service have been accelerated by funding from Callaghan Innovation, the Crown entity formed to foster technology innovation.

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Want to keep up with the latest SMX news? Click here to sign up to the newsletter