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Demand for SMX from large corporates and government sector organisations across Australia and New Zealand has intensified as CIOs and IT managers choose sophisticated management functionality, spanning both inbound and outbound email, archiving and full control of individualised security and usage profiles.

SMX CEO Ian McDonald says over the past three months SMX has experienced record growth – the strongest over any three-month period across New Zealand and Australia since the company was founded 11 years ago.

He says SMX has added more than 30,000 users during the last quarter with major new customers including a large state government community services department in Australia (27,000 users), Christchurch City Council (3,200 users), Mighty River Power, Talley’s Group, Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited and New Zealand Government organisations including Waipa District Council.

Further boosting new customer numbers is the ongoing implementation of SMX’s solution underpinning Spark’s new business email platform. SMX is the prime contractor, building a fully hosted email service for Spark’s business customers. The SMX3 cloud billing, provisioning and management platform serves as the integration hub for a full service business email solution.

McDonald says the record demand is as a result of various market factors: the lower cost of ownership of cloud email security services compared to in-house legacy systems; demand for much more sophisticated and effective email security cloud services to combat new threats such as spear phishing attacks; and the ability of SMX to provide a sophisticated email management environment for CIOs and IT managers. This includes real-time visibility of all inbound and outbound email; automated security rules to safeguard sensitive data from exiting a customer’s network; greater sophistication in the monitoring and control of all inbound emails according to changing threats; and varying levels of individual email privileges within large email networks.

He says SMX’s Cloud Email Archive is also a powerful new tool – highly valuable for organisations who need not just multiple failsafe cloud backups of all email traffic and easy self-service recovery of emails and attachments, but also a forensic level of audit security to track all changes made to emails.

Secure and redundant datacentres across New Zealand and Australia, with data sovereignty maintained at all times, is an important consideration for many corporate and Government organisations.

“But the most consistent positive feedback we receive from customers of all sizes is praise for the quality of our service,” McDonald says.

“We develop our software here in New Zealand. We have the specialist email security domain expertise and the in-depth product knowledge to support our customers in real time. After ten years in this business, we know our business and our software inside out. And we know our customers. When a customer calls we answer the phone, without cumbersome fault logging or long service desk queues.”

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Want to keep up with the latest SMX news? Click here to sign up to the newsletter