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SMX Limited has appointed former Digital Mobile Business Relationship Manager Phouthavanh (Vanh) Anothai to the newly created position of Senior Partner Manager.

Vanh Anothai, SMX senior partner manager, March 2013

Based in Wellington, Vanh Anothai is responsible for maintaining relationships with SMX's existing tier one partners and customers in New Zealand as well as building new partner and customer relationships in the Wellington region.

Anothai comes to the SMX role from a solid career working for some of the big players in the telecommunications industry. Prior to his role at Digital Mobile, Anothai was a sales analyst at digital mobile marketing company Run the Red, service delivery manager for AT & T and he also worked at Vodafone in sales support analyst, service delivery manager, and customer service roles. Early in his career, Anothai spent time at Air New Zealand.

SMX's Vice President of Global Sales, Tiaan Blaauw, says Vanh Anothai brings a welcome mix of skills and experience to SMX, as the company looks to build, strengthen and support its partner network, particularly in the Wellington region.

"Vanh is an experienced sales and service manager who has an extensive background in customer service, operational analysis and relationship building and management working in roles across a diverse range of companies over the last fourteen years. At Digital Mobile Vanh was the highest-performing sales person, demonstrating exceptional sales skills. He has also developed strong relationships in the Wellington market, with both Government and corporate customers. SMX has been growing steadily and these attributes are crucial for SMX as we look to grow our business further by supporting and developing our partner network," Blaauw says.

Blaauw says that SMX's business model has evolved over time: "SMX started as a direct sales company built on a direct customer relationship model. However, the business has evolved to include significant and beneficial partner relationships as well. SMX's business has grown rapidly through the establishment of key partnerships with a number of top-tier partners and with the growth there is a need for more resources and support on the ground for our partners. We are leveraging our existing partner and customer relationships to ensure that service delivery and the full benefits of the SMX service are optimised.

"Wellington is a key growth market for SMX and it is important for us to have someone on the ground there to connect with both existing and potential partners — this is why we established the senior partner management role. We are recruiting in Australia and Japan for similar roles to support our partners in these regions, too," Blaauw says.

For Vanh Anothai, taking on the Senior Partner Manager role at SMX was not only an opportunity to work in a different industry but a chance to take on the 'interesting' challenge of selling a subscription-based cloud e-mail security service and, most importantly, building relationships in a market he knows well.

"Our current partners have laid a great foundation and I'm looking forward to building on that," Anothai says. "There is an opportunity to really strengthen SMX's presence in Wellington and get the brand out there. There are partners and customers in the market that know about our services, and we have a good reputation. We have the technical know-how and great products but it's about getting wider exposure — expanding that net so that more of the market knows about SMX and our ability to deliver the services it needs."

"I see delivering customer satisfaction and creating SMX brand awareness as the key responsibilities of my role and I'm looking forward to working with our partners and the company to do that," Anothai says.

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Want to keep up with the latest SMX news? Click here to sign up to the newsletter