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Late last year Intel sprung a surprise on the email security world: they were shutting down one of the original cloud email security providers, MX Logic, latterly McAfee SaaS Email Protection.

The service itself will be shut down in January 2017 however the last date for sale was last month. McAfee itself was bought by Intel in 2011 and Intel's announcement took the Internet by surprise. MX Logic have been around since the early 2000s and offered a similar service to SMX's cloud filtering services. Intel's surprise departure was very telling.

(As an aside, SMX and MX Logic, through an example of convergent evolution, even developed the same early brand name, SecureMX. For those that don't know, the name SMX came about as a contraction of Secure Mail Exchange, then SecureMX and finally SMX. We still retain use of the securemx.biz domain for certain services as well and it's interesting to see that two companies in the same market came up with the same service name around the same time.)

Reading between the lines of Intel's statement, one of the most successful high tech companies on the planet was exiting the email security sector because it's difficult to do properly and hence requires a specialist provider.

As part of Intel's announcement, they're recommending customers move to Proofpoint but there are good reasons not to follow Intel's advice on this one. Proofpoint has no physical presence in this part of the world, so customers would need to route their mail through overseas mail servers. SMX operates 10 sites in Australasia and our operations and support is headquartered in Auckland. A consistent theme in all our feedback from customers is the importance of highly responsive local support delivered directly by the company which developed and operates the cloud solution.

SMX also has a uniquely Australasian view of the email security landscape. With a large presence in this part of the world and with two commercial anti-spam and anti-virus engines, we're able to react faster than our off-shore based competitors to threats in the local market. We also work closely with our local customers to provide customised responses to email security threats. For example, the spear phishing detection techniques we've developed recently counter the recent increase in targeted attacks directed at local organisations.

More information

SMX's support team can help with your migration planning off the MX Logic/McAfee service.  If you're currently an MX Logic/McAfee customer and would like to see the difference SMX can make to your email security, complete the free trial form or get in touch with our sales team via email or call 0800 769 769.