Spark brings email home to New Zealand

Spark announced today it has completed the process of moving its Xtra email service away from Yahoo to New Zealand-owned email provider SMX. (Spark Media Release)
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Key new appointments support strong growth in demand for SMX services

In support of strong growth across all areas of the business SMX has made strategic new appointments, including Brendon Petrich as Product Owner, Rod Snodgrass as a Director on the Board of Directors, David Frazer as Vice President of Business Development, and John Hill as a Business Development Manager.
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Holiday support and office closure hours for 2017/2018

As 2017 draws to a close, please take note of the following office closure dates and after-hours support details for the 2017/2018 festive period.
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Spam traffic rises as ban takes effect

6 September 2007

Source: The Press, on Spam traffic was worse than ever yesterday, the first day of legislation banning the practice. Anti-spam specialists SMX recorded a major spike in traffic, peaking at 1am - one hour after the law came into effect.

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Symantec confirms talks with Kiwi mail-scrubber SMX

11 March 2007

Source: Rob O'Neill, Computerworld. Security software giant Symantec is holding talks with Kiwi secure email software developer SMX. The two companies are exploring bundling their products into a service for on-sale, says Symantec vice president.

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Three NZ firms win Indian export deals

5 July 2007

Source: Computerworld. Sonar6, SMX and DLS benefit from Massey Uni partnership with Indian IT giant CMC. Graphical talent management software company Sonar6, email security company SMX and e-learning developer DLS have all struck deals under the partnership, formed less than six months ago.

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What's on the digital agenda?

7 August 2007

Source: Computerworld. Computerworld asked industry leaders what they wanted on the Digital Summit 2.0 agenda, including Jesse Ball, co-founder and Managing Director SMX, here is his response...

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Banks told to 'do their bit' to fight phishing attacks

9 December 2007

Source: Randal Jackson, Computerworld. New Zealand banks could protect customers from phishing attacks by making a simple change to their internet address protocols at little or no cost, says Thom Hooker, director of operations at SMX, an Auckland based anti-spam and anti-virus email service provider.

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Kiwi software at front line of email defence

13 March 2007

Source: Adam Gifford, New Zealand Herald. A new approach to solving email management and storage problems is proving successful for two Kiwi companies here and around the world. One, Auckland start-up SMX, was set up to take the hassle out of email for firms.

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