Spark brings email home to New Zealand

Spark announced today it has completed the process of moving its Xtra email service away from Yahoo to New Zealand-owned email provider SMX. (Spark Media Release)
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Key new appointments support strong growth in demand for SMX services

In support of strong growth across all areas of the business SMX has made strategic new appointments, including Brendon Petrich as Product Owner, Rod Snodgrass as a Director on the Board of Directors, David Frazer as Vice President of Business Development, and John Hill as a Business Development Manager.
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Holiday support and office closure hours for 2017/2018

As 2017 draws to a close, please take note of the following office closure dates and after-hours support details for the 2017/2018 festive period.
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Beef up your baseline email security with some cost-effective SmartRules® cybersecurity muscle

19 October 2016

SMX’s innovative and constantly evolving SmartRules® engine bridges the gap between our generic email filtering services, which are geared towards detecting and blocking the massive amounts of spam, malware and general abuse that constitutes the bulk of the email traffic we see, and the specific security needs of each organisation.


SmartRules® – Your Email Swiss Army Knife

28 August 2016

This month we continue to see strong interest in SMX's content control and data loss prevention engine, SmartRules®. The recent spate of sophisticated CryptoLocker, phishing and spear phishing attacks has highlighted the security enhancements SmartRules® can enable. But there are many other important features and benefits as well…


Phishing for your business

15 June 2016

Spear phishing and whaling attacks comprise the largest single email cybersecurity threat for New Zealand companies today. What are the risks and what can New Zealand companies can do to protect themselves from phishing fraudsters?


Intel pulls the plug on email security

17 March 2016

Late last year Intel sprung a surprise on the email security world: they were shutting down one of the original cloud email security providers, MX Logic, latterly McAfee SaaS Email Protection. The service itself will be shut down in January 2017 however the last date for sale was last month.


SMX cloud email security service selected for TaaS panel - what this means

24 November 2015

With the recent Ministerial announcement that SMX has been appointed as one of 12 suppliers to the TaaS (Telecommunications as a Service) panel, SMX is now able to provide our cloud email security services to New Zealand Government customers quicker and easier than ever before, writes SMX Co-founder and CTO Thom Hooker.


Spear phishing and whaling attacks on the rise!

4 September 2015

Following SMX's recent alert to customers about an increase in targeted email (AKA spear phishing) attacks currently underway against New Zealand companies and organisations, CTO Thom Hooker shares a real-life example of how spear phishing and whaling attacks can unfold, as well as tips to keep your organisation safe from phishers and whalers.