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As emails increasingly become the largest single information stream within every organisation, the pressure is on IT managers to ensure that every email sent or received, including attachments, is fully searchable, always available, fully secure, and has forensic audit capabilities that track and record every time the email message is accessed.

Launched in November 2015, with major development funding from Callaghan Innovation, the latest version of SMX’s Cloud Email Archive delivers a truly world-class solution for IT managers – particularly for large government and private sector organisations requiring forensic email record keeping and security.

SMX Cloud Email Archive delivers all the scalability of the cloud, with the data sovereignty of a self-managed solution. All emails are secured inside New Zealand’s borders, supported locally by New Zealand’s business email specialists. And managed through the same single user interface alongside SMX’s email security and DLP modules.

Where competing cloud email archive solutions may tick some of the essential boxes, no other comparable solution can tick all of the four key email archive performance and capability measures: durability, availability, scalability and consistency.

Durability. Archived email cannot be deleted without secure and documented process. If we say we’ve archived it then we will always retain it – according to secure protocols, no matter what.

Availability. The SMX Cloud Email Archive gives gold standard certainty that every email will be there when you search for it – assured by a fully distributed cloud architecture, with multiple copies, secured across multiple servers, across multiple datacentres, with no single point of failure.

Scalability. Email traffic is growing exponentially year on year. That’s not a problem for the SMX Cloud Email Archive. There are no practical limits to the number and amount of emails that can be archived. The architecture, the software and the distributed datacentre hosting structure are designed for linear scaling of capacity.

Consistency. All emails archived are indexed with real time reconciliation between the index and archived emails, taking place literally in milliseconds.  No emails can fall through the cracks. The data SMX retrieves is demonstrably the same data input to the archive; this is largely through the use of AES-256 encryption and also through the constant data rebalancing performed by Apache Cassandra.

Built on world leading software technology

The SMX Cloud Email Archive database integrates Apache Cassandra, developed by Facebook and used by Apple, with more than a million hours of development. Kafka, developed by LinkedIn, is used for queuing. Storm, developed by Twitter, is the distributed computation system.

Key features and functionality

  • A simple per-user-month cost with no fees and low cost of ownership. No hardware to buy or software to license, install or support
  • Encrypted storage of every email in, out and within the organisation
  • Full audit trail of all interactions on the archive including read/search
  • Advanced search capabilities – Boolean, fuzzy and pattern matching
  • Record, annotate and share searches
  • Real-time secure search and access to email and attachments
  • Support for eDiscovery, the forensic identification, preservation, collection and processing of data
  • SMTP, IMAP and Exchange journaling options to archive internal and external email
  • Search email headers and metadata across the entire archive
  • Secure transmission (SSL) and encryption at rest (AES-256)
  • Documented REST APIs for integration
  • Support services to handle importing of legacy email archives.

More information

View/Download the SMX Cloud Email Archive datasheet: Download Datasheet

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Want to keep up with the latest SMX news? Click here to sign up to the newsletter