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The Accident Compensation Corporation has implemented the New Zealand-developed SMX anti-spam and anti-virus service across its 2,500 desktops - solving a spam problem totalling more than 15 million messages a month.

The ACC's ICT Operations Manager, Glen Rhodes, says spam volumes had been increasing rapidly, clogging the network and slowing email delivery. The ACC's existing solution was struggling to deal with the increasing load, and users were complaining of a four to five hour delay in receiving emails.

"The SMX service has solved the problem overnight. Email now arrives, clean and without delays. We're delighted," Rhodes says.

The decision to trial SMX followed a detailed review of available anti-spam and anti-virus options, Rhodes says. These included software installed on the ACC's own network, as well as service based solutions.

"What appealed with the SMX service was that unwanted messages are cleaned before email reaches our network, Rhodes says. "The SMX reporting features allow you to see exactly what messages are being filtered out, and this, for the first time, allowed us to understand the huge volume of spam messages that had been loading up our servers and our users. The problem was bigger than we thought."

He says the SMX service has a number of strengths compared to alternative solutions. "Contracting a service to deal with spam and viruses means we don't have to buy and maintain software on our own network - this means we can free up our internal staff. We're also impressed by the accuracy of the service - guaranteeing more than 99 percent accuracy in cleaning email is impressive. The SMX service was also simple and fast to implement, up and running in just a matter of days. Provisioning of new users is also very fast and easy, taking literally minutes."

SMX Managing Director and Co-founder Jesse Ball says the decision by ACC to implement the SMX service demonstrates the ability of SMX to win business against the best local and international anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.

"This is a highly strategic sale for SMX, as we hope that other Government departments and SOEs will be encouraged by the ACC's successful trial and implementation of the SMX service."

He says local growth is being matched by international growth with recent licensing agreements signed with Symantec, and with India's largest ICT company, CMC Limited. The licensing agreement with CMC gives CMC a licence to resell SMX service throughout India, the Middle East and Africa. The CMC deal alone is expected to double SMX's current customer numbers inside three years.

Also this year local reseller agreements were concluded with Gen-i franchisees, Axon and Unisys.

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