Get serious about email threats.

With SMX, Microsoft 365
is up to 34% more accurate
in identifying phishing threats

Enterprise-level email protection for business

Over 90% of successful attacks occur over email – a massive daily risk to your business, reputation and people.

Worse - attacks are now VERY targeted, with bad actors looking at your website, LinkedIn profiles and employee information before sending emails to exploit any cyber weakness.

The good news? SMX now offers simple, cloud-based, enterprise-level filters and AI tools that will save you huge amounts of time, resources and money. In fact the latest research shows that the average cost of each attack on a NZ business is $159,000.

See how SMX's sophisticated filters strip out additional threats.

Trust the email protection that enterprise & government demand

Why do they choose SMX? Because CIOs, IT Managers and security professionals know that the cost of catching email threats is a fraction of the cost of cleaning up the mess afterwards – much less the huge potential cost of reputation damage via data breach.

“SMX does the bulk of the grunt work. It filters 90-95% of the noise with Microsoft catching the remainder. With SMX 365 we saw an uplift in catch rates of 15,000 additional catches per week and on our volume that’s huge.”

– CIO, one of APAC’s largest real estate companies.

SMX in action – over 245M threat emails caught in a year

Here’s real data from 12 months. See how SMX’s sophisticated, multi-level, AI-powered filters strip-out massive volumes of threat email – in this case almost 250 million emails in a 12-month period.

Now cloud-based and available for your business

Since 2005, SMX has led the way in NZ and Australia with email security – primarily for enterprise, government and telco customers. But now the game has changed. New cloud-based SMX 365 brings truly enterprise-level and affordable email protection (from as little as $3.35 per mailbox per month) to businesses of all sizes. We call it, “super-local” protection:

  • • Super-sized: SMX 365 complements, rather than disables, Microsoft 365, by providing true dual-layer email security
  • • Super-local: Our up-to-the-minute AI powered filters mean you are fully protected from threats targeting New Zealand and Australia.
  • • Super-easy: SMX makes it easy to migrate and implement to cyber-secure email. More info here.

It costs nothing to find out more.

Got an existing IT partner? SMX 365 is available from many of NZ and Australia's leading IT partners. Feel free to book a call with one of our email security specialists or get in touch and let us know more about how we can help you secure your business.