Email Continuity. Independent, cloud-based email backup

Email Continuity provides you with assurance that messages will always be available in times of email outages or when you have a need to urgently get remote access to an email and its attachments. Regardless of availability of email systems your support team can always access a copy of email messages stored in an independent Azure cloud instance. 

A free service for Aus or NZ Essential Services, Government and Charity organisations.

SMX is very conscious of the critical nature of email as we all navigate the COVID-19 challenge. As part of our commitment to our community we are offering all Essential Services, Government and Charity organisations free access to our new email continuity feature. Some conditions apply - see below.

What you will get with SMX email business continuity:

  • When provisioned by the SMX Support team a new Continuity button will appear in your SMX Portal
  • This Continuity button will give you search access across all in/outbound email (and internal if using journaling)
  • The Email Continuity feature stores all messages and attachments in an independent remote Azure instance for a period of 90 days, after which they are purged and no longer available via the Continuity feature.

Register and submit your details below and our Support team will be in contact.

Continuity Feature Provisioning

Yes please, I'm with an Essential Service, Govt (or Charity) and I'd like to use SMX Email Continuity for free
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Conditions of free access to SMX Email Continuity

1. Free access is available for up to 90 days from provisioning. We can only make this free feature available to 01 September 2020 regardless of the provisioning date. If the feature is oversubscribed SMX may limit the number of customers that can use the service on a first-in, first-served basis.
2. Free access is available to official Essential Services and Local, State, Regional, Federal or Central government agencies. Free access is also available to registered charities and Health or Education organisations. All other organizations will incur a cost of $3.75 +gst per user, per month.
3. To be eligible for free SMX Email Continuity your organisation will need to be a customer of SMX, using the Secure Email Gateway email filtering.
4. If you are a new SMX customer you will be eligible once signed up to, and using the SMX SEG product.
5. Messages older than 90 days will be purged
6. At the end of the Free 90 day period SMX will at its discretion either, extend the free service for an additional 30 days or charge your organisation $3.75 +gst per user, per month.
7. SMX will inform your organisation before charges are incurred. You will be given the opportunity to cancel the service at any time prior to the end of the free period. Your existing cancellation terms will apply if this service is extended beyond the free period.

*SMX will provision your Email Continuity account within 3 business days.