Secure SMX solution delivers peace of mind for Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia is part of a global movement dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice - and for over 600 staff members and volunteers spread across 40 sites in 11 countries, email is the primary communication method and a critical link between Oxfam Australia staff members and their community partners. In 2009 that vital email link was under severe pressure.

Despite trying a range of email filtering solutions, including an email security appliance, Oxfam Australia’s email servers were inundated with up to 80,000 spam messages daily.

Oxfam Australia decided to move to a cloud-based service. It went to market to find the right fit – specifically, a single, in-country, email security service that would filter email content before it reached the organisation’s network, and provide email storage if the organisation’s systems or services failed.

SMX was chosen from a shortlist of leading international competitors.

Oxfam Australia Information Systems Manager Grant Holton-Picard says key differentiating factors in SMX’s favour included highly accurate in-country email filtering; no quarantine to manage; no administration overhead costs; and mail queuing.

“Many of our staff members work in remote locations or countries with poor telecommunications infrastructure,” says Holton-Picard. “Internet connectivity is often expensive, unreliable and very limited in capacity. Ensuring staff members can access the email they need and are protected from being bombarded with spam and other unsolicited email is important.

Providing IT support for these remote staff members isn’t easy; it’s essential we protect them from malicious content to provide a safe and secure working environment,” he says.

“We are very pleased with the SMX service. We’ve had no issues with the system or the service. We now have a safe and robust email security solution which delivers clean email with high reliability, and the peace of mind which comes from knowing SMX can provide email storage backup in the event of any system failure. It’s a great solution,” says Grant Holton-Picard.

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