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The Company

UCIT is a Perth-based business information technology, network and hosting solutions provider. With hundreds of clients and using only the best brands, UCIT pride themselves on their strong partnerships ensuring IT achieves its strategic value, while being easy and stress free for users.

The Situation

It was with this context in mind that UCIT found themselves frustrated when their email security provider migrated to another platform without warning. This left UCIT in the undesirable position of having to provide support for their clients on a system with which they had no training or support. "It caused us many difficulties and crucial delays in an industry where time wastage is incredibly detrimental." says UCIT Director Lyndon Reynolds.

In their frustration they began searching for a trustworthy email security management solution that not only fit UCIT's requirements but also met their clients' high standards. "One of our other suppliers pointed us towards SMX. We were introduced to their local rep who provided fantastic support. There were some simple but thorough demonstrations and presentations of the product. We then felt ready to begin taking the steps to set up with SMX."

Given UCIT's business and client base the choice of email security provider was critical for the company. "It's very important for UCIT and our customers to have a solid email filtering solution as a first barrier of defence. It keeps cybersecurity breaches off internal networks."

The Solution

Unrivalled flexibility in deployment

SMX ensured UCIT had a completely tailored experience, working alongside the team to achieve the best possible results for their specific needs. As with other cyber security solutions, in most cases an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach to email security is dangerous - often leaving companies in a more vulnerable position to particular threats. For UCIT, this tailored approach began at the engagement stage. Having been let down by their previous provider, UCIT needed to be able to migrate in baby steps in order to build trust. Testing in small increments was invaluable.

"SMX gave us the flexibility so we had the ability to deploy and migrate gradually, so we were able to test the products more thoroughly. From first engagement to today the process has been very satisfying. Initial meetings and support were well organised and we were guided every step of the way."

The Results

Delivering what's needed and more

By layering security products, SMX provided UCIT with a highly sophisticated cyber security filter that gave them assurance that their clients were now thoroughly protected. "We were able to implement a similar solution to what we had previously but with additional features. We got URL filtering, alerts, phishing and whaling protection, SmartRules for data loss protection, and a simplified platform that is a lot more user friendly. We now know that we're fully covered and the partnership we have built with the SMX team ensures our clients are able to get access to the very best email security available."

Rock-solid business protection

"Our current result is rock solid. We know the solution is working behind the scenes for UCIT and it is keeping our clients safe at all times. When we do look at our reports, we can see the number of attacks that have been stopped are high. We've come to trust that SMX has got our backs, so we can get on with running other things."



SMX has taken away the pressure and worry from the day-to-day process of email management.
Patrick Ramos, Service Delivery Manager, Northcott