Electric-fencing spam and phishers for Genesis Energy

For long-time SMX customer Genesis Energy, New Zealand’s largest electricity reseller, SMX’s email filtering and SmartRules® deliver email security and peace of mind for staff, allowing them to work at peak productivity without the hassle of dealing with spam, malware and phishing issues. The service has also integrated smoothly with Microsoft Office 365 to provide an extra layer of protection. As a bonus, the SMX reporting feature creates a competitive edge for the business.
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Set-and-forget email security gives Waimakariri District Council peace of mind

Email filtering supplied by New Zealand owned and operated email security specialist, SMX, is playing an important part in Waimakariri District Council’s efforts to halve its IT hardware expenditure and eliminate associated appliance maintenance and management headaches.
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Secure SMX solution delivers peace of mind for Oxfam Australia

27 February 2013

Oxfam Australia is part of a global movement dedicated to fighting poverty and injustice - and for over 600 staff members and volunteers spread across 40 sites in 11 countries, email is the primary communication method and a critical link between Oxfam Australia staff members and their community partners. In 2009 that vital email link was under severe pressure.

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