SMX saves more than it costs at Harcourts

Case study - SMX saves more than it costs at Harcourts

"Harcourts is delighted with the SMX service. The transition to SMX was seamless. We were up and running in about half an hour and users were unaware of the change. The support staff have been fantastic and my whole experience with SMX has been extremely positive."

Jason Wills, CIO, Harcourts

Chief Technology Officer, Jason Wills, says Harcourts had been using an SMX competitor for its managed mail services the past five years.

He says Harcourts made the switch to SMX for three reasons, price, ease of use, and redundancy.

"We're now saving $50,000 per year in bandwidth. That's more than the SMX service fees. So this is the ideal business case result.”

“We've solved a major spam and virus problem for our users and more than paid for the costs of that solution in savings in bandwidth costs," says Wills.

"The beauty of SMX is that it's a 'no touch' solution", he says. "Using an accurate global filter is much easier than having to manually configure spam filters for 3,500 email users."

With SMX’s geographically redundant data centres, dual ISP's and dual fibre providers, Harcourts has confidence that the service won’t be interrupted by email outages and the delivery problems experienced by Harcourts previous mail and virus filtering service.

The user-friendly SMX interface was another selling point for Harcourts. Even non-technical users can login via the website and configure white and black lists and content filters whenever they need to.