SMX Business Continuity

The SMX Business Continuity add-on delivers peace of mind for your business email. 

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Protect valuable business email during unplanned server and ISP outages. SMX Business Continuity provides off-site email disaster recovery to customers who host their own email platform, should they experience an in-house service failure.

SMX continually monitors our customer’s email domains. During an unplanned email server or Internet outage, SMX automatically queues all the customer’s incoming email at our local datacenter.

When their email server becomes available again, SMX re-delivers the queued email immediately.

Customers’ queued email is available from a web-accessible mailbag, until the customer email server becomes available and re-delivery occurs.

Executive Staff Business Continuity

SMX also provides selected personnel a backup method for sending and receiving essential business email during a failure at their sites, ensuring business continuity.

SMX Business Continuity provides:

  • Rolling 30 day off-site email store for select personnel.
  • Alternate Web-accessible mailboxes.
  • Mobile client SMTP hosting.
  • Full setup support.
  • Access to the SMX help-desk 24/7/365.

How SMX Business Continuity works

  • SMX provides business continuity and disaster recovery support by continually monitoring our customers’ email domains.
  • When we detect a customer’s email server or ISP is down, SMX automatically begins queuing all incoming email in SMX’s distributed datacenters.
  • With Executive Staff Business Continuity, SMX constantly maintains a 30 day rolling mailbox of all email for selected personnel, accessible in the event of failure at their site.
  • Customers must have both SMX Email Filtering and SMX SmartRules® to use the Business Continuity services.