7 August 2017 - by Thom Hooker

Bolster your cloud email hosting with cutting edge email security from SMX

SMX CTO and co-founder, Thom HookerSMX has recently rolled out our shared services integration module. This new module allows our customers to implement the SMX email security suite in conjunction with OTT mail hosting providers such as Office 365 and Google's G Suite as well as email services from your favourite cloud provider.

Microsoft's Office 365 in particular, but other cloud email hosting services as well, have been gaining market share due to their many advantages over traditional on-premise software deployments. These benefits include higher up-times due to robust infrastructure, lower TCO as well as constantly evolving technologies and features that keep up with changing market requirements.

While using these email hosting services is often a no-brainer for many organisations, choosing to move your email hosting to the cloud doesn't obviate the need to be mindful of security. In fact, trusting your security to a company that hasn't had the best track record in securing their flagship products could be disastrous.

Luckily our shared services module allows you to deploy SMX's cloud email security suite in front of your Office 365 (or other OTT email hosting provider) tenancy. Together you'll get SMX's market-leading email security services, managed and supported in region by our SMX's email engineers, alongside Microsoft's market-leading email hosting service. Truly the best of both worlds.

Along with the obvious benefits of this partnership, SMX's shared services integration module allows you to route your outbound email via us as well. This provides the same benefits to your customers that your staff receive from the SMX service: email filtered of spam and viruses (protecting your company's brand in case your site becomes infected with the next malware variant) as well as applying your company's email policies via our SmartRules engine, and the ability to archive your outbound and intra-company email in SMX's cloud email archiving service.

Using a specialist email security vendor to augment your cloud email hosting doesn't just make sense, it has become international best practice. Most enterprises accept that they find it difficult to maintain a cutting-edge service on such a critical business communications medium as email.

With SMX's new shared services integration module you can have the best of both worlds by utilising cutting edge email security techniques with the industry's leading cloud email hosting providers.