SMX Board of Directors

Thom Hooker - Co-Founder and CTO

Co-founder of the company and SMX's Chief Technology Officer, Thom Hooker is responsible for the architecture of SMX’s cloud-based email security solution, as well as the hands-on management of product development and customer support. Prior to founding SMX with Jesse Ball, Thom acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge working for companies including Telecom Xtra, Cable & Wireless, NTL, IBM, EDS, and Air New Zealand. Thom lead a development team to design the customised SMX email security solution, built from the ground up as a SaaS platform into which new capabilities and applications could easily be slotted. With his involvement in architecting large-scale state-of-the-art IT systems, Thom provides the experience that allows SMX to maintain its position as a leader in the messaging and data services market.

John Quirk - Chairman

SMX Chairman John Quirk brings with him an extensive and impressive track record with 25 years involvement in the IT industry. He is a Director of Howard & Co - a strategic investment and management company. John has previously held prestigious positions internationally - he was the Asia Pacific CEO of the UK owned IT and management consulting company, Mi Services Group and CEO of the PC reseller and network company Southmark Computers where he led its successful merger into Fujitsu. Before joining Southmark, while a Regional Manager at Wang New Zealand, John Quirk was instrumental in a strategic plan that took Wang New Zealand from a proprietary hardware company to successful systems integration and services company. John spent his early career in Digital Equipment Corporation where he rose to New Zealand Software Services Manager and then Auckland General Manager.

Jesse Ball - Co-Founder and Director

Jesse Ball has led SMX from startup in 2006, through 50 percent year-on-year growth, to its current position as a cloud services technology leader with over 1,000 customers and more than two million users across New Zealand, Australia, India and Japan. Ball co-founded SMX with his friend and colleague Thom Hooker, SMX’s Chief Technology Officer. Leveraging their experience in developing secure mail platforms for Telecom Xtra in New Zealand and Telstra Australia they conceptualized SMX as a novel, hosted anti-spam and anti-virus solution designed to scale to service the largest global ISPs. Jesse acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge working for companies including Air New Zealand, EDS, IBM and Openwave.

Dennis Row - Director

Dennis joined the SMX board with a wealth of international industry experience; he has a proven track record in early stage technology companies and now assists in the strategic and operational direction of SMX. Dennis has held several high level positions but most notable was his tenure as CEO and co-founder of Rebis Inc. He grew the company from start-up in 1984 to become the worldwide leader in plant design applications for AutoCAD. Dennis received a BE and ME from the University of Canterbury in civil engineering and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 1978. Dennis represents Endeavour Capital, a cornerstone investor in SMX Limited.

Brendon Petrich - Director

Brendon has a background in commercial management, business development and management in New Zealand and Australia, with experience in strategic planning, financial management, commercial assessments, acquisitions, supply chain and procurement, and production management. Brendon is the Chief Executive Officer at VisFleet software development house that builds products/solutions for the transportation and logistics sectors. Brendon joined VisFleet from the Omnilab Media Group, an Australasian media company, where he held the dual roles of Group Commercial Manager in Australia and General Manager for Omnilab NZ. Prior to this Brendon served as Commercial Manager - Sales and Marketing at Air New Zealand, New Business Manager - Business Development at Television New Zealand, and as a Logistics Officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Brendon holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Graduate Diploma in Business from the University of Auckland, and a Graduate Diploma of Public Sector Management from Massey University. He is also a graduate of the Senior Executive Supply Chain and Logistics Development Programme at Monash University, Melbourne.