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Beef up your baseline email security with some cost-effective SmartRules<sup>®</sup> cybersecurity muscle

Beef up your baseline email security with some cost-effective SmartRules® cybersecurity muscle

SMX’s innovative and constantly evolving SmartRules® engine bridges the gap between our generic email filtering services, which are geared towards detecting and blocking the massive amounts of spam, malware and general abuse that constitutes the bulk of the email traffic we see, and the specific security needs of each organisation. At a high-level, SmartRules essentially allows customers to define specific rules and policies controlling the types of content allowed into or out of their site. - by Thom Hooker

SmartRules<sup>®</sup> – Your Email Swiss Army Knife

SmartRules® – Your Email Swiss Army Knife

The recent spate of sophisticated CryptoLocker, phishing and spear phishing attacks has highlighted the security enhancements SmartRules® can enable. But there are many other important features and benefits as well… - by Thom Hooker

Phishing for your business

Phishing for your business

Spear phishing and whaling attacks comprise the largest single email cybersecurity threat for New Zealand companies today. What are the risks and what can New Zealand companies can do to protect themselves from phishing fraudsters?... - by Thom Hooker